The concept of stewardship is considered by some Orthodox Christians a foreign, not part of the Church tradition or her history.   However, a review of what is the truth on the matter of stewardship can be found in writings of the Church Fathers.  They reflect back on the dekaton-tithe-the offering a tenth of one’s income for God and His Church and God’s work on earth. It is found in the Bible “All the tithe of the land, whether  of the seed or the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the Lord’s.” Leviticus 27:30  The Church Fathers describe the tithe as a free, voluntary, positive, profitable, purposeful, planned, intelligent, reverent idea offered as our Christian partnership with God in all He gives us.

St. Cyprian writes: “They used to give for sale and houses and estates, that they might have treasures in heaven, Now we do not even give the tithe, and while our Lord bids us sell, we buy and add to our store. Thus the strength of believers grows weak.”

St. Ambrose writes: “God has reserved the tenth part unto himself, and therefore it is not lawful for a man to retain what God had reserved for Himself.  He has reserve the tenth part, and if you shall not give to God the tenth part, God will take from you the nine parts. A good Christian gives tithes to support God and His church.”

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