Peter and Georgia Vagenas DiMattia

St. George welcomes our newest parishioners, Peter DiMattia and

Georgia Vagenas DiMattia, along with their son Nicholas. They recently

moved back toMassachusettsfromChicago, where they had been living

for the past eight years. After having their baby Nicholas, they decided

to return to the East Coast to be closer to family. Nicholas gets to see

his family all of the time now, especially Yiayia! Peter is an intellectual

property attorney and works for Sabic.Georgiais also an attorney and

works for the American Bar Association, which is based inChicagoand


Both Peter and Georgia attendedBostonCollege, where Peter received a

degree in Biochemistry andGeorgiamajored in English and minored in

Modern Greek Studies. As fate would have it, they never met at college,

but later came to the realization that nearly every evening they used

to study at the same library seated at desks next to each other. After

college, Peter attendedColumbiaUniversity’sCollegeofPhysicians

and Surgeons. Meanwhile,Georgiaspent a year inGreeceon a teaching

fellowship program after college. It was a great opportunity to spend

time with her extended family, who lived inAthensand Aegion. She

taught English, theater and creative writing atAthensCollegeand then

went on to obtain a masters in Public Policy. Luckily for Nicholas, both

George and Peter both decided to go toSuffolkLaw School, where they

met on the orientation boat cruise onBostonHarborand instantly fell in


Peter was raised inN. Providence,Rhode Island, and is of Italian

descent. While his family has been in theUnited Statesfor multiple

generations, he traces his roots back toFallo,Italy. His mother is a

teacher, and his father is an accountant and Treasurer of Tiverton.

Peter’s grandfather, Dominick Rosato, was an accomplished plastics

engineer and was a pioneer in the industry back in the 1940’s. He

wrote numerous books on plastics engineering and processes, and

hosted teaching conferences around the country and the world. He was

ultimately inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame. Peter’s grandmother

Mafalda was the Executive Assistant and Bookkeeper for the President

of BayBank.

Georgiawas born and raised inLynn,Massachusetts, where she

attended St. George Church and was a Sunday School teacher. Her

parents are fromAegion,Greece, where her grandfather was the

town dentist and her grandmother had 13 children.Georgia’s father,

Nicholas, now deceased, was a chef and owned a seafood restaurant.

Georgia’s mother, Evniki, owns a beauty salon and oftentimes takes a

two-hour bus ride from her home inLynnto spend time withGeorgia,

Peter and especially her grandson Nicholas.

Georgia, Peter and Nicholas now live in Lenox and are delighted to part

of the St. George parish. They found out about the church by the Internet

on, the website for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of

America. Peter’s cousin also knew Archie Geranios, who owns South

Street Pizza House, down the street from the church.

Little Nicholas — who turns one year old on November 6th — was

baptized at St. George last month. Many in the parish joined together

to make this a special event,with Fr. John Maheras officiating the

ceremony, Manny Amandos doing the chanting, Hope Amandos helping

with all the arrangements, and Christina Giannaris making her delicious

moustokouloura cookies. SaysGeorgia: “I am so touched by everyone’s

generosity and how they have opened their arms to my family.”

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