From the Pastor


It is with joy I greet you with the saving words of our Lord and which we joyously offer to God as our expression of thanksgiving, “Christ is Risen!”  It is with equal joy we respond, “Truly He is Risen!” thus declaring our own faith. It is my fervent prayer these sentiments and words will take flight from one person to the next, from family to family, from neighbor to neighbor, conveying the abundant joy of the actions of our God to bring salvation to each one of us.

From the Church calendar this feast, the Resurrection of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ from the grave after three day, is properly described as the Feast of Feasts and the Festival of Festivals, the Triumph of Triumphs. It is around this feast day, that all of the others we share revolve.  It is the feast where those who are regular attendees and those who do not frequent the Church services gather. It is the festival where those who are near the Church and God and those who are far from both, gather to quench their thirst for a reassurance of a heavenly realm that offers peace and serenity in life.

St. John Chrysostom, whose Easter Message is heard at the Paschal Divine Liturgy speaks to us of the generosity of our Lord.  He calls to us saying: “For the Lord is gracious and receives the last even as the first (Referring to those who have fasted from the first day and those who could not.) To this one He gives, and upon another He bestows, He accepts the works as He greets the endeavor. The deed He honors and the intention He commends. LET ALL ENTER INTO THE JOY OF THE LORD! First and last, come, receive your reward; …rejoice together…celebrate the day! Enjoy all the riches of His goodness.”

Following this Paschal call, let us all gather in the Church to share the joy and to thank God. Let us come together in a oneness and unity, yes, even the faithful from birth and those who came only yesterday. As we gather, let us raise our voices in joyous exaltation as unique witnesses to the Resurrection of our Lord, Christ, in unwavering faithfulness to His message for all and our parish dedicated to St. George one of our Lord’s most ardent witnesses.

Pascha-Easter is a time to free ourselves from the vicious circle of the outward world and focus on the eternal values of Christ’s redeeming work. He has redeemed us from the curse of the devil, by His precious Blood, being nailed to the cross and pierced with the spear, He offers eternal life for all of humanity; Him we glorify.

Citing again from St. John Chrysostom, he characterizes in a few short statements the whole of our faith and the joy in our hearts at this Festival  of Festivals.  “Christ is Risen, and the evil one is cast down! Christ is Risen, and the angels rejoice!  Christ is Risen and our life is liberated. Christ is Risen and the tombs are emptied of its dead. For Christ having Risen from the dead, has primacy of those who have fallen asleep.

It is we who have to accept this gift of eternal life, by joining in celebration this blessing of the Resurrection.

My prayer is for this Light of the Resurrection we receive, will bring light in the darkness that surrounds us, erase the shadows that lurk in our hearts for the love and mercy of God are life-creating and life-giving.


In the Resurrected Lord,


Fr. John








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