From the Pastor

In our Bulletin, is our schedule of Holy Services for Holy Week. These are the same services in which we have worshipped for centuries. They are, though, not reserved for a bygone era: for what is our faithfulness to them unless we share them with family and friends and tell others of o a faith held since the time of Christ? What is the point of maintaining these services, if they are not shown to be the basis for our world today and tomorrow. For indeed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

            For sure our Orthodox Church respects and honors the past with her multifaceted traditions. We though, have to have our eyesight focused on the world in which we live. Our world today deems we, as the Church, as followers of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ, reach out to our children and grandchildren, our brothers and sisters, our kinsfolk and family, and urge them to join us in remembering and celebrating this most precious of weeks in the life of our Lord. We no longer have the luxury of keeping our faith to ourselves: rather we must, once again, bring our family into a unity and bond with each other, through the common faith we hold. Our unity of family is expressed in many ways, but the primary one is praying together, finding ourselves as one before the face of God, and sharing the joy and celebration as we joyously affirm, “Christ is risen!”

            Look at the schedule. Talk to your family about it. Ask them to come with you to the services.  We look to see you praying for us and with us.





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