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Where have all the flowers gone?

Where have all the palms gone?

Here we are but a few weeks after Easter, a most joyous time of the year as we bask in the splendor of our Resurrected Lord.  We encountered Thomas who shared the disbelief of many of us, which was verified by the presence of our Lord, yes, in his life and our own life. The women bringing spices to the tomb are anxious about how they would roll away the stone, only to find an angel sitting on it.  They run and tell the disciples. Peter and John hasten to the grave not quite sure whether they can believe the women or not, that the Lord has risen according to the angel present. They find the truth of the women; an empty grave, the shroud and napkin that covered the dead body of Christ, cast aside.

Thomas and Peter and John, the women and all the followers find unshakeable faith and they are moved to spread the word all over the globe. They saw the proof; they trusted the words of the Lord; they believed He came from God and awaits us all to return to God. Their belief was not in the results of an experiment, nor of a theory proven through tests and re-tests.  Their faith and trust was in someone who came and offered an eternity in heavenly splendor.

For the Resurrection verifies the truth of God and awaits from us a similar faith and belief those first followers had.

But it isn’t easy to trust God. Oh, we’ll come and pray on Palm Sunday and then be there to receive a flower. For some of us though, it seems harder to put aside our own plans and declare the joy and the freedom that comes from our faith in our Lord.

Holy Week and Easter showed us the road we are to follow to be followers. For the Son of God came to fulfill the promise of God, “Who so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him has eternal life!” (John 3:16).

Yet in the midst of our living with all the mistrust that abounds all around us, some find it difficult to trust God even as they clutch palm and flower.

We forget that God extends the invitation and we can accept it or reject it by not being in His presence at Liturgy receiving the viaticum of salvation.  The important thing to remember is that God comes to us, there where we are, not at some place we would not be.

Even as we hold palm and flower, He comes in our times of trouble, our simplicity of faith, and yes, even as we teeter on the edge of the grave. He comes to remove the stone which blocks our way to Him.  He comes in our disbelief offering Himself as an example of sacrificial love and the gift of self.

All it takes is our trust in God. Belief, the size of a mustard seed. A trust that in His hands we are safe and secure. For He died to give us life. Thus, He will never leave us nor abandon us. For the grave is empty and those who were in the grave have received life eternal.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!







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