From the Pastor

It’s Time for Action

Easter is coming. It comes bringing with it good news that we all welcome after a year plus passage with the Coronavirus. It is a significant point in our calendar not only for what happened but for what is has done for us. Of course, the Resurrection of our Lord and the offer of salvation is much about which we should be: joyful, sharing the “Good News” to those far and near.

It is also a time for us to renew ourselves as followers of our Lord, by joining in the divine services offered, telling us of what transpired that week in the life of our Lord.

Holy Week is the opportunity for us to rejoin our brothers and sisters in worship, praying with them as they pray with us. Praying for them, as they pray for us. Standing with them in church surrounded by the “Cloud of witnesses” the Saints, who were faithful in their discipleship to the Lord throughout their life.

It is for us to see that action of our parish, as we celebrate with prayers and sacraments, hymns and praises to Almighty God.

As stated, after a year of no parish activities, we have a full schedule of services for Holy Week, which you can find in this bulletin and which was sent to all the homes. The plans are in place and preparation is being made for all of the services to be as scheduled from the Palm Sunday morning liturgy and distribution of Palms to the offering of Red Eggs at Pascha.

Included in the array of traditional services, we shall have, eat-in or take out, Fish Meal on Palm Sunday. Holy Wednesday we shall offer Holy Unction for the healing of body and soul. Holy Thursday the procession of the Holy Cross in the evening. Holy Friday, the exodus of the Epitaphion as we re-enact the burial of our Lord. Holy Saturday the proclamation of the Resurrection followed by the Paschal meal, again to eat in or take and go.  Easter Sunday morning, we shall have Vespers of Easter with readings from the Gospel in multiple languages.

It is our time to act and to err on the side of action rather than inaction on our part. For we gather, not just to see one another, which is good, but to celebrate and commemorate those special events inaugurated by God for our salvation. Let this Holy Week be one for the books as we gather to say to one another, “Yes, we celebrate. Yes, we commemorate what our Lord endured for our salvation. More than this though is we’re celebrating, we’ve done it. We’re turning the corner in our life and in our parish.”

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