Donate today

We know that these are challenging and tragic times. It is times such as these that we are reminded of how important Our beloved Faith and Church are. Despite the dark shadow that the COVID-19 pandemic has cast, our Faith and Church are beacons in the darkness and the ever present “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Please do what you can to insure the survival of our beloved parish by making a donation of whatever sum you can responsibly make today. St. George needs your support!

We’ve tried to make it easy in these times of “social distancing” to make a donation by adding a PayPal feature to our website. This program gives you the capability and choice to make a one-time donation or schedule monthly payments, according to your own ability and circumstances.

Please donate today. Soon, God willing, we will all be together again.

Fr. John Maheras and The Parish Council thank you in advance for your help.

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