2020 Ministry Award Recipient

kevin nolli photo 2

Mr. Kevin Nolli, a native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, came into our Holy Orthodox Church as a convert and in his words, “I was raised Roman Catholic and as closings and change occurred… I began to search online for some place to go and that’s when I found St. George. My wife and I brought our boys one Sunday morning just to see and everyone was just so nice and made us feel at home; like we had always been there.”  With such sense of belonging, he and his family set about to devote time and energy to St. George Parish, and have done so from their first visit. Again, in his words,
“That is when we decided that we would all stay. My wife and I even had our wedding vows renewed on our 20th anniversary in the Church. I think this is why I work so hard at St. George. It is my home.”

Mr. Nolli served as a marine after being educated in the local school system and served as a Correction officer and currently has a position at General Dynamics. An activist for his fellow correction officers in the union he served as head of the local chapter and on the National Executive Board. Through his efforts he brought about innovative programs for them. Raised in a family that made church attendance a priority, he served in diverse positions and now sets the same example for fellow parishioners, on Sundays and Holy Days. With his dedication to the needs of the parish, and the parishioners seeing his commitment to St. George, he was elected to the Parish Council where he has served for many years.  His personality is that he prefers to “work in the background” rather than up front. He takes on the projects and activities that require not only knowledge of what has to be done but also to know who to contact and how to complete the task successfully.

He and his wife Jamie (who was his mother’s caregiver prior to her falling asleep) with their sons, Kevin, Michael and Richard, are stalwart parishioners and we are privileged to have him, a worthy recipient of the Metropolis Ministry Awards Recognition.

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